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Neymar to stay put at PSG this summer despite transfer rumours



Paris Saint-Germain superstar Neymar confirmed he will stay at the club this summer despite continued links to Chelsea.

Speaking in an interview with CazeTVOficial, Neymar addressed the disconnection from the Parisians but admitted that he expects to be with the team.

“I hope it’s at PSG (next season). I have a contract with PSG and no one has informed me of anything. Even if there isn’t much love between the fans & the player, I will be there (at PSG), with love or without love,” the 31-year-old said.

Undergoing surgery on his right ankle in early March of this year, Neymar has returned to the squad amid the start of training camps.

Neymar has been singled out for his lack of performance this year and has faced harsh criticism by French pundits and PSG Ultras.

In May, ultras expressed fury at the South American outside the club’s headquarters and during matches, reportedly telling Neymar to “get lost.”

Sports pundit Daniel Riolo called out Neymar for his lack of effort, describing his transfer to the club as undeserved for the Parisians despite scoring 18 times in 29 games last season.

“[Neymar] had half a good season because he was preparing for the World Cup. He was just in training,” the French journalist said at the beginning of the year.

“Do we realise that Neymar, in terms of recruitment and salary, is the biggest flop in the history of football? I can’t think of a bigger flop for what it cost, it’s horrible,” he said.

A farewell to Neymar was expected to be in order, especially after it was reported that Chelsea co-owner Todd Boehly recently met with PSG president Nasser Al Khelaifi for a potential trade.

PSG has yet to voice any conversations on Neymar’s future as they have been occupied with the Mbappe contract saga.

However, on his return to the pitch, the team stated, “After participating in individual training on the pitch last week, Neymar is expected to partially participate in collective training this week.”

Qatar World Cup
In the interview with CazeTVOficial, Neymar admitted that he considered retiring from the Brazilian National team after the World Cup in Qatar but ensured that he will return and aspires to play at the 2026 World Cup.

“It was one of the worst weeks of my life. Besides me being hurt, nobody knew it, but, I got really sick. Very, very sick. I did the treatment lying in bed, sleeping the whole day. I only had my foot out of bed, and the physiotherapist was there doing all kinds of treatments. It was bizarre, you know?” Neymar voiced.

“First day, I stayed until 10:30 am doing treatment, and Marquinhos gave me company. It was very intense, I didn’t know how I was going to come back. I came back without any pain, 100%. I wasn’t 100% because I was sick. (..) What hurt was the defeat more than the ankle,” the Brazillian added.

With Carlo Ancelotti becoming the new Brazilian national team head coach starting in June 2024, a partnership with Neymar has left some fans excited.

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We have a modern sports administration in Lagos – Aiyepeku




Sports administration has moved beyond the outdated rhetoric that characterizes the Nigerian system and inevitably leaves the country behind when results do not match inputs.

However, things have become different in Lagos over time, especially since the administration of Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu at the helm of the Lagos State Sports Commission is ensuring that round pegs are put in round holes.

The duo of Mr. Sola Aiyepeku, Executive Chairman and Mr. Oluwatoyin Gafaar, Director General of the Sports Commission are goal scorers and technocrats in sports administration.

There has been synergy between the Sports Commission and other stakeholders, both in the public and private sectors in order to drive the THEMES agenda of Governor Sanwo-Olu.

Chairman Aiyepeku gave an insight into how sports is being run in the Centre of Excellence on Wednesday when he was the guest of over 300 journalists covering the ongoing 7th National Youth Games in Asaba, Delta State. The Youth Games has witnessed a high influx of sporting media since its inception at the Asaba 2023.

Aiyepeku told the journalists that he was ready for any jab of questions from the sportswriters, as he knows his onions when it comes to facing the inquisitiveness of sporting media as he was on media practitioner.

The session at the media centre of the Stephen Keshi Stadium in Asaba was very entertaining, informative and educative as some of the journalists later confessed to Independent News Express.

Aiyepek took the time to explain to the journalists how sports are practiced in Lagos State. According to him, the administration lacks the old-fashioned style.

He stressed that as an administrator who has seen it all in the world of sport and traveled near and far, he knows that modern ways of working deliver results.

He revealed how the Sports Commission has integrated over 400 games masters and mistresses from educational districts in Lagos State into a modern school sports system by given them retraining at a recent workshop.

“It was a kind of revolution because we showed them the best sports practices. Not only have we equipped them to carry out their active-duty duties, but we have also equipped them with knowledge so that they can be useful to the society and their families after their service,” Aiyepeku said.

He also revealed what the state is doing to ensure that no sport is left behind.

“We value development, which essentially means giving everyone a sense of belonging. We have also managed to separate and classify these sports so we can focus on the results.

“We don’t necessarily want to win at all costs like other states do, but we want to advance the development agenda. According to us at the Lagos State Sports Commission, we are not desperate as we see these youth games as a talent scouting program,” he added.

He said that the Sports Commission also places a strong emphasis on development, as many of Lagos’ athletes benefit from some form of grant to help them prepare for and compete in tournaments without stress.

Aiyepeku stressed that Lagos is a breeding ground for athletes and will continue to be at the forefront of ensuring the comprehensive development of athletes.

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Sports Minister Excited About Young Talents Emerging From National Youth Games




The Honourable Minister of Sports Development, Senator John Owan Enoh has expressed his delight over the number of emerging talents being discovered at the ongoing National Youth Games, taking place in Asaba, Delta State.

Senator Enoh stated that the Games stays true to its purpose of providing a platform for young talents to be unearthed.

He noted that talents are not in short supply in the country, what is needed is the platform for visibility. He stressed that the ministry is not oblivious of this need, and his administration is determined to make available these platforms across the federation.

“This edition of the National Youth Games has given visibility to very talented kids that represent the future of our sports as a nation. Availability of talents has never been a problem for our sports, but instead, the provision of platforms for these talents to be seen has remained our Achilles heel,” the Minister said. “This administration is committed to ensuring that platforms are available for budding stars, especially in our rural areas.”

“While our elite athletes continue to make us proud, we want to guarantee the future by creating a production pipeline for emerging talents to come through, transition, get nurtured and collect the baton when the time is right on the elite stage,” Senator Enoh concluded.

At the end of Day 6, Delta State remained top of the medals table with 36 Gold, 25 Silver and 23 Bronze medals. Lagos State sits second with 18 Gold, 12 Silver, and 15 Bronze medals, while Edo State occupies the third spot with 17 Gold, 12 Silver, and 13 Bronze medals.

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Lagos Cycling Gold Medalist Canvasses For Regular National Tourneys To Keep Athletes In Top Form




The need to have regular local competitions is necessary to keep the athletes, especially the young boys and girls, who are outstanding in the National Youth Games in their top form and busy out of social vices.

This was the submission of one of Team Lagos cyclists, Isiaka Ibraheem who won two medals at the Asaba 2023 Games.

Ibraheem, a student of Government Junior College, Ikoyi, Lagos won a gold medal in the Point Race on Thursday. He had earlier won a silver medal in the Individual Time Trial.

While Ibraheem was so excited winning the gold and silver medals for Team Lagos, he wanted the sports authorities at both the state and national levels to organise more competitions to keep the athletes busy as lack of regular competitions slow down the development of the athletes in their choosing sports.

“We cannot demand for more at this stage if not for any other thing but to keep the athletes busy and in good form. When there is no competition, the form of these athletes would definitely go down. I want to beg the Federal Government of Nigeria to channel resources into exposing athletes from the National Youth Games to more local and international competitions,” Ibraheem said.

He gave kudos for what the Lagos State Government is doing for sports in the state, adding that the officials in Lagos Sports know their job and they take the welfare of the athletes serious.

“We have good training before traveling down to Asaba and this is what helped most of us at the National Youth Games,” he said.

Head Cycling Coach in Lagos, Lukman Oyebola also corroborated Ibraheem that more competitions are needed to give these young athletes future in sports.

He said if there could attention for Ibraheem, who had proven beyond reasonable doubt to be a good cyclist, the country would be better for it in the nearest future.

“Ibraheem is just going to 14 and the potential in him is great. I have no doubt that he would win gold in Asaba because he performed very well in tournaments we went to in Ibadan and Ogun State recently,” Coach Oyebola said.

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