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Champions League Prize Money: How much does Real Madrid earn as Champions League winner?



UEFA has allocated a staggering 2.1 billion euros in prize money for the Champions League, which culminates on June 1.

The exact amount the winning team will receive is complex to determine, mainly due to the distribution through the ‘market pool.’

This lack of clarity is evident as the precise winnings for Manchester City’s victory in Istanbul last year remain unknown.

However, we can estimate the total amount based on sporting achievements. Real Madrid defeated Borussia Dortmund on Saturday evening, they would earn 84.5 million euros.

This sum excludes the historical coefficient and the ‘market pool,’ which could add approximately 50 million euros. In comparison, Borussia Dortmund would receive 77.9 million euros, factoring in two draws and a defeat in the group stage.

Prize Money Breakdown for Champions League Winners

Each of the 32 teams reaching the group stage earns 15.6 million euros. Victories in this stage are rewarded with 2.8 million euros per win, and draws with 930,000 euros each. Progressing to the round of 16 nets a team 9.6 million euros, advancing to the quarter-finals adds 10.6 million euros, reaching the semi-finals is worth 12.5 million euros, and competing in the final garners 20 million euros, with the runner-up receiving 15.5 million euros.

Historical Context and Comparative Earnings
The detailed distribution of the Champions League prize money for the 2022-23 season is yet to be revealed. However, Real Madrid’s triumph in Paris in 2022 saw the club earning a total of 133.7 million euros. Liverpool, the runners-up, took home 119.9 million euros. Semi-finalists Bayern Munich and Manchester City received 109.6 million euros and 108.7 million euros respectively.

Factors Influencing Prize Distribution
The final distribution hinges on several factors, including the number of teams advancing through the ‘market pool’ and each club’s historical performance. Real Madrid, with its illustrious Champions League history, stands to benefit significantly.

However, the presence of other Spanish teams like Barcelona and Atletico Madrid in the quarter-finals could affect Real Madrid’s share of the television rights revenue, slightly diminishing their potential earnings.

While the exact figures for the 2023/2024 Champions League remain uncertain, historical patterns and the breakdown of prize money provide a clear picture of the substantial financial rewards awaiting the competition’s top performers.


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