Joselu: “Bellingham is a future Ballon D’Or winner”



Real Madrid striker Joselu talked to AS during Spain’s training camp and shared his thoughts about the first few games of the season, including an early review on his teammate Jude Bellingham.

“He’s great, I talk to him a lot because I learn to speak English when I was in the Premier League. He’s a humble, hard-working kid who’s feeling what Real Madrid is all about already. He has the chance to win it all. He’s surprised everyone even inside our dressing room. Considering how young he is, he has time to win everything he chooses to, of course he can be a future Ballon D’Or winner,” said Joselu.

The striker was then asked about Kroos.

“Kroos should have won five Ballons D’Or! He’s an unbelievable player capable of changing every game, he’s one of those players who caught my attention here at Real Madrid, he never turns the ball over and he plays with such composure that makes him different, it’s such a joy to play with him,” he explained.

Joselu explained why he chose to wear number 14 and not number 9 when the latter was available.

“It’s really simple, I wanted 14 because it’s the number I made my debut for Celta with. I just don’t care much about the number thing, to be honest, what matters the most is to be a Real Madrid player and that’s a dream for me, I wear 14 which means that I’m in the first team and that’s what matters,” he said.

Joselu wrapped up his interview by explaining his feelings after making his home debut this past weekend.

“It was amazing, we went to see the stadium a few hours before the game, it was raining and the roof was closed. Some club employees were excited because they hadn’t seen anything like it, playing there as the home team will be great and it won’t be easy to play there as the away side. I got really excited when the fans in the Grada Blanca sang my name, I get goosebumps now that I remember that. I connected well with madridistas and I hope this can continue,” he said.


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